Aylesbury Duck Vodka

Clean, spiced and grain led,  Aylesbury Duck is a vodka created by bartenders, for bartenders. As part of the legendary The 86 Co., Aylesbury Duck was designed to make perfect cocktails, shining in mixed drinks – be it an enlivening Bloody Mary, a refreshing Moscow Mule or a lively kick from a stirred down Vodka Martini.

Born of soft winter wheat grown in the Western Rockies of Canada, the vodka carries those cereal and baked bread notes from its homeland into each and every bottle. Those raw goods are harvested, fermented and continuously distilled until it sits at a high 96.5% ABV.

At its strongest Aylesbury Duck then flies south, making its home in the sunny Californian shores where beautifully clean water brings the spirit down to bottling strength. At the end you have a vodka bursting with character that wins you over immediately. And the name? Why, it’s simply the most noble of woodland birds.

Tasting Notes

  • Aylesbury Duck Vodka

    Very smooth and pure with baked bread flavours, a slight natural sweetness, a touch of sweet licorice/ fennel, some more white pepper and cacao and a touch of spice with a long finish.

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