Caña Brava Rum

Named for the wild sugar cane that sprouts up in the rich volcanic soil of Herrera, Panama, this smooth light rum comes from a once abandoned distillery in the area. Las Cabres Distillery is now one of the great rum producers in the world, and traces its history back to 1919 when a sugar mill was built on the site. Passing from the government to international investors, it was eventually left to the mercy of Panama’s wildlife.

Twenty years ago, Las Cabres’ fortunes changed when it was unearthed by Don Pancho and Carlos Esquivel. Pulling apart the overgrown grass they discovered a copper column still with a small medallion inscribed with ‘Cincinnati 1922’. Since then the duo have transformed the distillery, and make good use of the area’s rich sugar cane, fed by both the soil and surrounding rivers, to produce a molasses that is then fermented and distilled into this fine rum.

Owned and designed by The 86 Co., this rum has been specifically made for the bartending world, producing incredible cocktails such as a crisp and refreshing classic Daiquiri.

Tasting Notes

  • Caña Brava Rum

    Caña Brava is dry with just a hint of sweetness, medium to full bodied with a silky mouth feel and a finish that is clean, long and surprisingly fruity. The palate has great pure fresh sugar cane juice and citrus with notes of dark chocolate balanced with molasses, cacao butter, vanilla and spices hinting allspice and cinnamon.

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