Capucana Cachaça

A cachaça with unique complexity and personality, Capucana is an exceptional example of Brazil’s native spirit. Originally pioneered by a Dutch settler, who fell for one of the country’s famously beautiful women, the cachaça distillery in Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, has been in production since 1886. Their ancestors still own the distillery today.

Combining nine varieties of sugar cane distillate, four barrel-aged and five unaged, the brand individually crafts each part to take its place in the final blend. These different canes are grown across Capuava, St. Lydia and Bertioga farms, each with their own nuances and rich soils abundant in phosphorus and iron. Harvested, pressed and distilled, the four cane distillates are then aged in American oak, exbourbon and ex-Islay barrels, giving Capucana its unique flavours and lingering intricacy.

Capucana has retained the name local workers dubbed the distillery back in the 1800s, combining capu, meaning house, and cana, meaning cane – thus making it the House of Cane. Its rare mix of sugar canes and aging techniques make Capucana a unique and singular cachaça.


  • CapuCana

    A bright golden liquid with aromas of leather, apricot and orange fudge. On the palate discover stewed fruit and a grassy character with honey blossom, vanilla and pear.

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