Classico Negroni

A taste of Italy in every drop, the Classico Negroni is a bottled cocktail from Tony Conigliaro’s Bar Termini. Wedged in between the sex shops and oriental eateries of Soho’s Old Compton Street, this tiny café and bar is dedicated to a romanticised memory of yesterday’s Italy as well as being a perfect expression of a station bar where travellers pass in and out, stopping for a quick espresso, apertivo or even a nightcap before jumping on that midnight train. With that inspiration in mind, the bar team created cocktail serves that took mere moments to pour from the bottle to the glass.

The Classico Negroni is a well-made Negroni using London Dry gin, Italian vermouth and Italian bitters. To retain its superb flavours and attain consistency the team wanted to imitate bottle aging and controlled oxidization without the loss to evaporation or the sometime varied results. Gently sous vide cooking the Negronis turned out to be the best process, with the low heat stimulating the breakdown of aromatic compounds within the liquid.

Inside each bottle you’ll find a sipping-strength Negroni ready to serve. Simply cool in freezer like conditions for a few hours or pour into a glass over ice.

Tasting Notes

  • Classico Negroni

    Complex bitter and sweet notes with a hint of citrus fruits and botanicals. Well integrated flavours with an incredible smooth and long finish.

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