Fords Gin

Already famed across America and Europe as one of the best spirits for a Martini, Fords Gin is a collaboration between Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers and Simon Ford of The 86 Co.

Working backwards from their favourite gin cocktails, the creators picked their nine botanicals to bring flavour and character to mixology’s classic drinks. A traditional backbone of juniper and coriander seed acts as the canvas to show off bitter orange, lemon and grapefruit peels as well as floral notes from jasmine flower and orris while a gentle spice comes from angelica and cassia.

Starting with a neutral English wheat spirit, Fords Gin is made by steeping the botanicals for 15 hours, allowing their unique flavours to mellow into the spirit before it is distilled over five hours. At high strength it makes the journey across the pond to California where beautifully clean water brings the spirit down to bottling strength, though at 45% ABV the gin certainly retains plenty of flavour. Each drop of final product sings with vibrant juniper while the citrus, spices and floral elements add layers of complexity.

Designed to be sipped in cocktails, and imagined by bartenders for bartenders, The 86 Co.’s brands have all been received with open arms by the international bar community.

Tasting Notes

  • Fords Gin

    With a pleasant nose, both bright and aromatic, the gin gives rich juniper and citrus oils on the palate with a light sweetness on tip of the tongue followed by notes of orris and angelica roots finished by grapefruit rind and juniper with a balance of the floral notes.

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