Merlet Cognac

As cognac distillers for merchant houses since 1850, the Merlet family has a wealth of experience behind them, crafting the famous French brandy for the last 160 years. Across their own vineyards in the Fins Bois and Borderies there is 100 acres of flavoursome grapes with further partners across the cognac region to add to the bountiful harvests. It wasn’t until 2010, however, that Merlet finally decided to bottle cognac under their own name.  

Today Distillerie Merlet & Fils is run by fifth generation of Merlets; Gilles Merlet and his two sons, Pierre and Luc. With a rich knowledge of the spirit,  they created a unique cognac style which is both sublimely fruity and elegant. Once the grapes have been harvested, mostly from the Fins Bois, they are pressed for juice, fermented and distilled in the family’s Charentais copper pot stills.

Brothers Blend is a collaboration named after Luc and Pierre, who, alongside their father, select cognacs between four to 12 years old and is famed for its rich aromas of fruit and spice. Saint Sauvant is an older limited edition blend, taken from the finest cognacs produced by the house when they have reached their optimum age. Each time the blend is bottled it has its own nuances from the different brandies, and is assigned a number to denote which bottling year it comes from.


Tasting Notes

  • Cognac Brothers Blend

    Elegant and energetic nose characterized by cooked apricot, quince, white flowers, cinnamon and vanilla notes. On the palate it reveals delicate notes of white fruits and a subtle wood.
  • Merlet Saint Sauvant Cognac

    Reveals notes of ripe fruits (peaches and apricots) and of candied oranges on the nose. After a gentle stir, the aromas intensify with touches of white flowers and roasted hazelnuts. The palate is round and structured with lengthy notes. The flavours of ripe fruits first revealed on the nose are preserved along with an elegant woody finish.
  • C2: Cafe Cognac

    Nose: Powerful fresh roasted coffee & vanilla. The Cognac brings out the overall body and mouthfeel.

    Palate: Dry cocoa bean with dark chocolate and roasted almond flavours.

  • C2: Cognac & Citron

    Nose: Lemon with notes of ginger, liquorish and spices.

    Palate: Freshness of the citruses’zests, combined with vanilla, fruits and wood of the Cognac. It’s a total explosion of flavours.

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