Silent Pool Gin

Drenched in legend and mystery, Silent Pool Gin takes its name from the spring-fed silent pool on the distillery’s estate where stories abound from the 12th century of bathing maidens and princes. While the maidens might be long gone the water is now used to create delicious gin – Silent Pool’s signature product. Located in Surrey Hills, the distillery sits on the Duke of Northumberland’s estate in previously abandoned farm buildings where the production process is traditional and small batch, including a vintage steam boiler which powers the still by burning locally sourced hard wood.

Using a total of 24 botanicals, the first key flavours are steeped in neutral alcohol to ensure a rich taste before kaffir lime leaves, chamomile, rose and elderflower are all macerated and finally the more delicate botanicals rest in a basket at the neck of the still. As the spirit is distilled it picks up each layer of flavour and complexity until you have a smooth, full-flavoured gin that is traditional yet refreshingly individual.


Tasting Notes

  • Silent Pool Gin

    Silent Pool Gin is a rich and clean juniper-driven spirit with floral layers of lavender and chamomile. Fresh notes of citrus and kaffir lime are grounded with the subtle sweetness of local honey, creating a well-balanced gin that is both traditional and refreshingly individual.

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