Tequila Cabeza

Tequila Cabeza is a vegetal and earthy tequila produced for The 86 Co.  and is perfect to sip on its own, to enliven a refreshing Paloma or to cut through citrus based Margaritas.

Grown on an 800-acre mountainside field in Arandas, Jalisco, the agaves used to make Tequila Cabeza belong to the Vivanco family who has been cultivating agaves for the past five generations. On the side of this mountainous terrain they built their distillery in 1994, El Ranchito, whereas tequileros they crush the cooked agaves before fermenting and then distilling the juices – making it a true growers tequila.

From the fields, where groups of trained jimadores harvest the ripened agaves with their sharp coas, to the distillery where a slow fermentation takes place during the cooler months to lend as much rich flavours as possible to the liquid, making Tequila Cabeza is lengthy and intensive process.

Finally the liquid is distilled twice in copper pot stills before being cut down with distilled water to a healthy 43% ABV resulting in a robust tequila full of rich vegetal notes.

Tasting Notes

  • Tequila Cabeza

    On the nose there is a bouquet of highland agave that captures both the earthiness and the honey of the agave while adding complex layers of green vegetables and a nice dose of minerality. On the palate you are hit with a robust and earthy agave that comes with a dash of light citrus and pepper.

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