Wry Vodka

A pure rye vodka made by Silent Pool Distillery, WRY vodka comes from its small artisanal production line in Surrey, England which sits next to a famous silent pool.

Its renowned smooth and rich flavour comes from the remarkable process involving a bespoke distilling process and a slow filtration through traditional local charcoal. Taking a floor malted rye grain from Britain’s oldest malting house, which lends a subtle and sweet nuance of rye grain to the vodka, the liquid is initially distilled to 96.4% alcohol before undergoing a second batch process in a unique copper pot still.

Pouring from the still is a premium vodka which is then blended with crystal clear spring water from the silent pool. Finally it is fed through the distillery’s filtration process, using extremely hard wood from the surrounding forest which is handmade into charcoal by slowly burning it below the ground. This dense charcoal filters WRY vodka one drop at a time for two weeks resulting in a clean, smooth and pure spirit.

Tasting Notes

  • Wry Vodka

    The heart of WRY is a clean, smooth, and pure vodka. Layered onto this are subtle notes of grain, and a hint of malty sweetness.

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